What to do in an emergency?

scenic dockIf you require immediate medical attention you must call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. During office hours leave an urgent message on the office voice mail. After hours and on weekends you may contact the answering service.

How do I obtain refills of medication?

Refills are provided at appointments and only during office hours. Please be sure to schedule your appointments in advance. Under certain circumstances a refill may be phoned or faxed to your pharmacy and a fee will apply. Controlled prescriptions must be refilled at the office.

How can I make or change an appointment?

Please contact the office at 760-753-7341 ext 1 and leave a message. Please note cancellations must be received on the voice mail at least one full business day ahead  i.e. message must be received by 9am on Friday to cancel a Monday appointment.  Cancellations are not accepted by email.

Can I use insurance?

Courtesy billing is available if one has PPO insurance. Payment is required at the time of the appointment. All claims are billed to reimburse the patient.  Insurance will reimburse the patient once the annual deductible is met. Check with your insurance company to verify your annual deductible and out of network benefits. The practice is considered out of network with all insurance companies. If you have Medicare you will be required to sign a private contract as per the policy of Medicare. It is not possible to bill Medicare or the supplemental Medicare policy.

What types of payment are accepted?

Payment is accepted by cash, check, debit or credit card. A slight fee is added if payment is by credit card. You may use flex spending accounts or health savings accounts.