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Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder www.chadd.orgexternal link

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance     www.dbsasandiego.orgexternal link

Healthy Minds (American Psychiatric Association) www.healthyminds.orgexternal link

International Bipolar Foundation  www.internationalbipolarfoundation.orgexternal link

It’s Up to Us   www.up2sd.orgexternal link

National Alliance on Mental Illness (San Diego Chapter)  www.namisandiego.orgexternal link

National Institute of Mental Health www.nimh.nih.govexternal link

Postpartum Adjustment Support Society www.passnc.orgexternal link

Postpartum Health Alliance   www.postpartumhealthalliance.orgexternal link

Psych Central  www.psychcentral.comexternal link

Southern California Society For Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Therapy www.istdp.comexternal link

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration www.samhsa.orgexternal link

US Department of Health and Human Services link

www.newdadsclass.comexternal link link